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Local Student at Festival

This is a collection of useful phrases which can be used around your friends.

New Practical Chinese Reader 2 is the second in series. 90 percent of HSK is derived from.

Chinese Language series 301 A and 301 B are good starters which beginner use.

Here is a link to PDF and other info on learning Chinese writing & radicals.

This book includes Bible stories from both New and Old Testaments, a Gospel booklet.

The volume 2 will help you with all of the vocabulary for New and Old Testaments .

The Good News Reader is a great aid to all who are learning Chinese.

Purpose Driven Live Chinese Version. See Page for Handouts.

This is a great place to learn because it is more than a Chinese  Classroom it is a Chinese community.  Participants are free to stay for service in which both English and Chinese are spoken to enhance your learning.

Free Chinese Classes

Courses stress Speaking, Reading writing Chinese characters as well  as Pinyin.

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