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Beginners Class

Top Left is Daisy Chao, Jean Ding Bottom Nunmin Bush,

If you are interested in teaching Chinese please contact us.  Currently looking for someone interested in teaching intermediate Chinese as well as a moderator for Movie night

This is a great place to start if you are a beginner who has never studied Chinese before or have studied for one year. Material may be somewhat different from what you have studies in school with songs, games, etc.

The nice thing about the group is that you will form partnerships to study. One of our most experience teachers will be teaching this class.

Intermediate Class

This is a great place to study.  This class is both intermediate and advanced Chinese.  Here many of us share our resources to help each other.  We also do service projects in Chinese community to force us to work with the chines community in Chinese. This is done locally so there is no need to leave the country.  But if that is your desire we  do missions to china.

Daisy Chao

Jean Ding

Nunmin Bush


Advanced Class

Here is where it all comes together.  Since we are in an Chinese community we are speaking all the time with many people from the church and local community.  If you go to  our missions page you will see some of the mission we have done to remote parts of china. Here you will be forming your study to take the HSK at whatever level you feel comfortable.  Our teachers will give mock exams to test your skills.