Riverside Mandarin Baptist Church -- 4889 Tyler Street -- Riverside, CA 92503 -- (951) 688 6332

Both Men and Women are Invited to Join the Men  Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m.   October 10, 2016  @  RMBC For additional information or questions contact:  gilbert@mybushweb.com

This 96-minute documentary interviews 15 Ph.D. scientists about the greatest weaknesses of modern evolutionary theory. The public generally only hears one side of the origins debate, but with stunning animations and dramatic footage, Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels presents a powerful ‘warts and all’ critique of textbook evolutionary orthodoxy. You’ll also discover just how much this debate impacts your view of yourself and the world around you.

This will be divided into 4 sessions with plenty of discussion.


Moderated by Rod Foist


Electrical and Computer Engineering