Riverside Mandarin Baptist Church -- 4889 Tyler Street -- Riverside, CA 92503 -- (951) 688 6332

Church History

The Chronicle of RMBC

1988: It started as Home Bible Study/Fellowship".  By the faithful support of some pastors, and  the diligent efforts of brothers, sisters and especially the coordination of Pastor Chang, we were able to use CBC facility to hold our Sunday Worship Services.

1990: Riverside Mandarin Baptist Church (RMBC) officially established on April 29.

1992: By the abundant Grace of God who sent Pastor John Lee and his wife Ingrid to shepherd us.

1994:  RMBC moved to Indian Hills Baptist Church for regular assemblies. With the assistance of Pastor Mike Wolf, RMBC successfully purchased 50% of the church property. During the next 10 years, we experienced many ups and downs in our pilgrimage. Yet God's Grace is sufficient for us to use. We continue to follow His lead without wavering.

2002: With the special favor of God, He touched the heart of Pastor Paul Wilkenson of Southern Baptist Convention.  With his proposal and coordination between Tyler Baptist Church at our current location and RMBC, the two churches finally became one.  We, as God's own people, at last left the "wilderness" and entered the land that "flows with Milk and Honey".  Additionally God called Pastor Bill and Marilyn to enrich us, and kept Pastor Mike and Dorothy to strengthen us. His love kept us in true unity for His own Glory.

2012: In reminiscing of our humble beginning, the last 22 years was like a flash, we had witnessed God's unfailing love all along the way. Let us all praise Him and glorify His Holy Name.

         Now, our pastoral staff and co-workers are leading us towards a " Purpose Driven/Healthy Church" Model, and proclaiming our goal of "Building God’s Kingdom and Glorifying our King" .  As our Mission Motto states "Letting God change my life, and letting my life change others", we are building disciples to take action to complete God’s great commandment and commission.  May RMBC become a church that truly after God's own Heart.