Riverside Mandarin Baptist Church -- 4889 Tyler Street -- Riverside, CA 92503 -- (951) 688 6332

Free Chinese Lessons

 We have been holding Chinese lessons since 2004. Many of our students are now teaching in china.  We have both Beginner and Advanced lessons tailored to your level. This is the best way to learn Chinese, to be in a Chinese environment.

We meet every Sunday 8:00 am to 9:00 am.  In the Chinese Language Class at Riverside Mandarin Baptist Church.

For additional information please contact :gilbert@mybushweb.com

For sample lessons  please visit: http://www.mybushweb.com/Chinese/Studies_on_Way.htm

Beginners Chinese Class start with pin yin  and move to about 300 characters before moving to Intermediate  Class. Class involves singing and other activities with the whole church.