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We Meet every Sunday 8:00 am to study from text.  We have classes from beginners to advanced.

Home Of the Inland Empire Chinese Language Club

This is more than a club.  This is a close nit group who are studying Chinese  for various reasons.  Most of us have the goal of spending time in  China.  Some in the group have spent time in China for one reason and plan to return. Our goal is to become fluent in Chinese.  We do HSK Chinese language test preparation.

Community projects working with the Chinese community  gives a chance to build relations and practice our Chinese in a  time live situation.


Handout and study guide for reading Chinese version of the book.

Purpose Driven Life

Vocabulary, line by line translation as well as flash cards.

Good News Reader

Contains vocabulary, flash cards as well as written exercises for each lesson.

Studies on the way

Current Study Material  

Purpose Driven Life Good News Reader Studies on way Additional Info